Reasons to Prune Dead Tree Branches

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Tree branches die and decay. That is not uncommon. One or more branches may die even if the trunk and the rest of the tree are very healthy 


Because of this, a lot of homeowners and property owners wonder whether they should leave these dead branches in place or prune them. 

Though tree branches can die for various reasons, it is virtually always beneficial to prune them.  

The tree will regrow new branches in that place by getting rid of dead tree branches. To be more specific, here are several reasons why you should have dead tree branches trimmed by a professional tree trimming Lake Charles. 

Deters Pests 

For a lot of pests, dead tree branches are a source of food. This includes popular termites.  

Termites and other pests might feast on it if a branch dies and you do not get rid of it. However, by simply getting rid of dead branches, you can keep those pesky pests away. Prune dead branches right away as soon as you see one to deter pests.  

Gets Rid of Unstable Tree Branches that Might Fall 

Lowering the risk of property damage and bodily injury is another reason to prune dead tree branches.  

In general, dead tree branches will not fall on their own. Of course, with the help of the surroundings, they can fall. For instance, the rain and wind can snap dead tree branches whenever a strong storm comes in. in addition to that, it can cause bodily injury and property damage if the branch overhangs your property.  

Treat Existing Infections 

You can also treat existing infections when you prune dead tree branches. The tree might already be suffering from a fungal or bacterial infection if the branch is clearly dead – to the point where it is crumbling and decaying. For those who don’t know, there are a lot of fungal and bacterial infections which trees are vulnerable to.  

However, the infection might be localized. This varies on a certain type. This means that you can easily control the infection if you prune affected branches.  

Lowers the Risk of Infection 

Oftentimes, dead tree branches can lead to infection. The bark that covers the branch will fall off once a branch dies and starts to rot. Barkless branches enable bacteria and fungi to enter your tree with ease, aside from being an eyesore.  

The infection can spread to other areas of the tree as the microbe starts to reproduce. With this, the infection can possibly kill your beloved tree.  

You should prune dead or otherwise unhealthy tree branches to protect your trees from infection. This is particularly true for trees that has no or with little protective bark.  

Pruning might sound counterintuitive. However, it will help your tree in a lot of ways. Just like your haircut, your tree will lose some branches. However, it will instantly look better and prevent potential disease.  

When pruning trees, it is best that you call a professional to do the job since pruning is a risky task. 

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